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June, 2016


tutti frutti present 'WiLd!' by Evan Placey
£6, £4 (concessions)
6:15 pm Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, HD9 3ASHolmfirth Civic HallEvent Type:Children's TheatreFamilyLess than £10

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Also showing at 1600


‘WiLd’ by Evan Placey is the story of a boy with a big imagination, a boy who feels lonely, a boy who loves the outdoors, a boy they call WiLd!

Award winning writer Evan Placey has teamed up with tutti frutti and CANDAL at Nottingham University to create a fantastic one person show that unravels the story of a wayward yet fragile and misunderstood boy who lives within his untamed imagination.

A brilliant, clever, cheeky new play celebrating all things ‘wild’, with a fabulous sound-track and live music – perfect for misunderstood boys and girls aged 8+, as well as their teachers and families.


Yorkshire Festival 2016



WiLd! show trailer from tutti frutti productions on Vimeo.




The play ‘WiLd!’ by Evan Placey tells the story of 10-year-old Billy, who has been diagnosed with ADHD. The play brilliantly captures Billy’s world from his funny, quirky distracted view of the world. It is sensitively written and it celebrates Billy and all things wild. Throughout the play, Billy takes over the care of his absent father’s bee hive. The bees are a metaphor for Billy’s ADHD and the journey he goes on as he gets medicated and has behavioural interventions.

Billy lives with his Mum while his Dad and elder brother no longer live at home. Billy is very sad that his Dad has left but Billy’s Dad and Mum’s marriage has broken down and Dad has left to be with a new girlfriend. Billy decides to look after the bee hive that belonged to his Dad, trying to stop the bees from swarming and hoping his Dad will recognise that he has done a good thing – perhaps this might persuade Dad to return? Billy is not used to being recognised for doing good, he is in constant trouble at school and even his best friend has turned against him.  And Patrick, Billy’s elder brother, blames Billy for their parents splitting up.

During the play Billy comes to understand more about himself and his family. His friends begin to understand him more too when in their eyes he becomes a kind of hero, having been swarmed by bees but not stung by a single one.

The play is uplifting and moving as we get to love Billy and understand him. He leaves us thinking about what is like to be in his shoes and perhaps how we might all better empathise with others or better understand ourselves.
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(Friday) 6:15 pm


Holmfirth Civic Hall

Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, HD9 3AS

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