PUPPETS IN PLACE (in partnership with Woven in Kirklees) by The Children's Art School and Callaloo Carnival Arts

These are the some of the puppets made by children working with The Childen's Art School

Photos by Phil Hack

HOW IT WORKS - Puppets and Textiles come together

You can sign up for any of the Textiles workshops even if you have not made a puppet - go straight to part 2


Choose 1 time slot and drop in

PART 1 - Make a puppet

Make a human-scale puppet character with a moving mouth - a little bit Sesame St, a little bit The Clangers in 2 sessions on Zoom.


What lurks in the garden?  A bog monster? Perhaps an insect with a human body…. or

perhaps a person with a frog’s head. Create a  puppet character that has pulled itself out of the earth: part creature, part plant- it is of the earth and from the earth and embodies growth, roots, shoots, darkness, light, dampness, decomposition and rebirth.


The characters head will be formed from newspaper, kitchen roll, masking tape, pva glue, tissue paper and paint.  The bodies will be based on an old long-sleeved shirt and adorned and hacked into with textile and paint techniques.


Let your imagination go wild, plan ahead, or just see what happens and watch as the characters develop and come to life.


To make the puppet you will need to attend  2 sessions.  Each session is approx. 1hour 30 minutes long

PART 2 - Learn some textile skills

Once your puppet is made you can choose to attend any of the textile workshops to transform the fabric of the puppet reflecting  its earthy habitat (see list in the booking section below)

PART 3 - Last minute touches and bring your puppet to life

Bring your puppet to a surgery at Holmfirth Tech to do some final tweaks with Liz and learn how to bring it to life with animator and puppeteer, Andrew Kim.

PART 4 - Take your puppet into town and have it photographed

Choose a place in Holmfirth town, bring your puppet into town with you, show off your puppet and your animation skills to our photographer in your chosen location and appear in our Online Festival programme on Sunday 20th Sept

Puppet material packs: 

Saturday 29th  August 10.30am-12noon               

Tuesday 1st  Sept. 10.30 am -12noon                    

Wednesday 2nd 2-4pm 

Textile Skills material packs:        

Saturday 29th August 10.30am-12noon

Tuesday 1st  Sept. 10.30am-12noon

Wednesday 2nd 2-4pm

Friday 4th 2-4pm

Saturday 5th 2pm-4pm

Sunday 6th 2pm-4pm

No upcoming events at the moment

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